Company profile

IQ HOME is a leading company in electrical and home automation industry.

Our aim is to deploy the latest technologies in your home renovation and turn your imaginations into



IQ HOME, previously IT&D, was established in 2007 and our focus was computer services, domestic

electrical and communication works. Over the last ten years, we served over thousands of families in

western Sydney area and received high reputation from our customers.


In the last five years, the smart phones and other smart products have changed the world in every

aspect. As a fast growing company, we move our focus from traditional computer and home electical

serveices to a new level. We have tested over ten different systems and hundreds of products. Now

we are proud to introduce the wireless smart home system which will turn your ordinary home appliances

into smart devices. We creatively use the wireless smart products to replace the traditional wired samrt

products in home automation construction. Wireless smart products mean less cabling work in your

home. Ultimately saving our customers in the installation and maintainance of the system.


Company accreditation

ABN: 92 727 305 335

Open cabler licence: B23299NSW

Electrical licence: 302514C

Master Security licence: 103419